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What is Code Generator?

  • Code Generator is not wizard.It is an engine that accepts templates as code generation logic and input as parameters.
  • We need to define Code Generator input in valid and extensible manner so it nice to be XML
  • Code Generator without templates is like program without logic.Writing templates for Code Generator must be very easy.
  • Code Generation could be part of automated build process

Why NCodeGen ?

  • NCodeGen is Code Generation framework not only tool
  • its license : LGPL
  • Powered by NVelocity

What's the meaning of "NCodeGen is Framework"
  • NCodeGen provides packaging mechanism, abstractions like helpers and extensibility point
  • NCodeGen is independent of template engine
  • You can use any input format by implementing InputProvider interface (TODO)
  • NCodeGen could be integrated with tools like pretty printers for formatting output ,...

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